Saturday, July 30

30 Second Gesture Drawing..

Hey guys, i've stumble across some really useful website to let us draw 30sec gesture drawing whether it is animals or human figure...

Friday, March 25

Monologue Assignment

So here's my final assignment for this term...


(Blocking Plus)


(Splining Plus)


Lipsync and facial expression will be working on next term... so cheers~

The end of Class 4 : Introduction to Acting

Now there's 2 more classes left.. Time flies pretty fast... So here's my long update for the whole term 4 of assignment..

Pantomime ( Blocking Plus )


( Final Polishing )

Friday, March 11

Digital SLR..

woot... lately I'm getting interested on digital SLR and learning it right now... It is hard to take a single photo by using a Manual Mode.. Here's a few of my shot =)

Tuesday, January 18

Class 4 - Introduction To Acting

Week 1 Assignment ( Planning Week )..

Week 2 Assignment ( First Blocking Pass )
So in this class i'm going for Jason Ryan approach which is using the 2D flipbook as a pencil test to determine the whole poses and timing..
This approach does help a lot with the first blocking pass.. Although i wasted a lot of time into flipbook, but in the end its totally pay off..

( Pencil Test )

( Actual blocking pass )

Thursday, December 16

Latest Progress Reel.

Hey guys, here's my progress reel for class 3... So far im enjoying the AM course...